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  1. Baby Girl Skate Polo Bear Cotton Sweater
  2. Baby Girl Polo Bear Cotton Sweater
  3. Baby Girl Cable Cotton Peplum Cardigan
    • Warm White
    • Victorian Rose Heather
    • Powder Pink
  4. Baby Girl Cable-Knit Cotton Cardigan
    • Navy
    • Resort Pink
    • White
  5. Baby Girl Cable-Knit Peplum Sweater
    • Powder Pink
    • Warm White
  6. Baby Girl Puppy Peplum Cotton Sweater
  7. Baby Girl Fair Isle Wool Peplum Cardigan
  8. Baby Girl American Flag Sweater
  9. Baby Girl Fair Isle Pointelle Cardigan
  10. Baby Girl Bow-Trim Wool Cardigan
    • Park Ave Red
    • Olympia Cream
  11. Baby Girl Schoolhouse Cotton Sweater
  12. Baby Girl Polo French Terry Sweatshirt
  13. Personalisation Baby Girl Fleece Hoodie
    • Newport Navy
    • Sport Pink
  14. Baby Girl Cable-Knit Cotton Cardigan
    • Pink
    • Navy
    • White
  15. Baby Girl Cable-Knit Cashmere Cardigan
    • Grey
    • Morning Pink
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