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As Buffy Birrittella, a longtime exec at the company, recalls, while Mr. Lauren was perusing patterns for a collection of neckties, he stopped and said, “Gosh, this would be a nice logo to stand for the company—and we could use it for the advertisement, with Polo Ralph Lauren right under the player.”

Later, in June, when Mr. Lauren started work on his first line of women’s shirts, he decided to have his new logo embroidered on the cuff. “He saw it,” Birrittella says, “almost like a piece of jewellery discreetly sticking out from her jacket or sweater.”

Man on beach with young boy, both wearing blue-hued Polo shirts

Many sizes of the pony were developed until he found one he felt was just right for the cuff, and the logo became an instant success. From there, Mr. Lauren placed it on a variety of other styles—most famously, the cotton mesh Polo shirt.

Today, the logo still carries the resonance of a polo match, channeling the elegance and spirit of the sport it’s named after. Whether on a Polo shirt or an oxford, and whether dressed up or worn casually with family and friends, Ralph Lauren’s signature pony is a symbol of enduring quality and timeless American style.


“To me, the polo player has elegance and imagination. It embodies sophisticated luxury and a timeless style.”

White sweatshirt with embroidered navy Polo Pony at chest
Man models white sweatshirt with navy signature Polo Pony at chest


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